About the Brand

VANLEIGH™ is the brand of the Birmingham native, Business Creative and Photographer Sydney Van Leigh Armer, recognized for her androgynous approach to casual fashion wear bringing aesthetics and functionality  to the forefront.


VL is a brand that truly captures the essence of the designer and her original vision. 

I set out to  design pieces that set the foundation for a wardrobe, a soundtrack, the practical ABC of clothes that both men and women will reach for over and over again. 


I prioritize detail and balance—test considerations. Will the client  have a user experience that is conducive to shopping by figure? How does the piece stand by its self?, how does it lie against the torso? How much can you fit in the pockets? Can you breathe in it? 


You are your own competition when you wear VANLEIGH. 

For the social being and the socialite, VL is  slow and personal. It’s your new normal.


Sydney Van Leigh has deeper associations with the 1970s-90’s era which the VL aesthetic emanates. Some key brand attributes that are important to VL are: VINYLS, OLD FAMILY PHOTOS, LETTERS, WAX STAMPS. 

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