Bonjour NY

Dedicated to teaching children lifelong valuable social skills and confidence, Bonjour NY believes immersion is the most efficient way to learn a language . Recently, the french camp has undergone a transformative expansion, now offering Mandarin and Spanish camps located in the heart of NYC.



Bonjour NY



Photography, Art Direction, Videography


I worked closely with owner, Ria Aichour and staff to establish a direction for photography and film thats  playful, friendly and approachable, appealing to kids, parents and educators. 

The visuals elevate the brand through a unified message of exploration and innovation while employing a bright palette of saturated primary colors.

An Engaging Experience

Each week has a different theme, so campers always have a new, fun and engaging set of activities to look forward to. They go swimming, play various sports, go on exciting trips, engage in cooking class, Robotics, and much more. The photography compliments Bonjour NY’s brand and tone of voice. It captures the kids who attend the camp; showing their real, beautiful personalities.

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"Bonjour NY has been great for our daughter!  The camp has a primarily native French speaking staff, and they dote on their campers.  The staff is spirited and fun. Our daughter, who can be very shy, blossomed around these kind and thoughtful adults.  She learned a great deal of French this summer and even now, several weeks later, uses it at home."

Benjamin G.

New York, New York

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