Visual Country 

Visual Country is a digital agency in NYC that specializes in creating short videos, photography and digital content for over 150 major brands. With the introduction of Vine and Instagram video, Meagan Cignoli helped pioneer a new industry within social media and mobile advertising.


Visual Country


Marketing & Advertising




I worked closely with Meagan Cignoli, Creative Director of Visual Country to create content for her personal social media platform. I spent time with creative management to art direct photography that established Meagan and the brand's point of view. 

Visual Country’s studio has a sense of order and purpose. It’s open floor-plan maintains a sense of calm, providing a home for every prop and the essentials of the studio’s day to day. 

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One Day at a Time

With Meagan's soft and modern aesthetic in mind, I created a visual that captured a natural, candid moment that demonstrated a real connection between her viewers and the simple things in life we often take for granted. 

The visual generated 1700+ likes on Meagan's Instagram.

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